Thermosetting Resins

Cerri Luigi born pressing resins, bakelite, melamine and other thermosetting polymers: the products follow the Italian economic postwar boom, when the development and introduction of new items need the production of new plastic elements added to metallic and electric parts for handling and insulation. The supply of famous Italian firms see B2C products like pots’ handles, iron flatiron’s parts, moka’s details, and then B2B products for electric parts (civil and industrial) for insulation. In the last decades following the railroads development Cerri Luigi has supplied parts for electromechanical pieces (clients such as Microlettrica Scientifica, Knorr Bremse, Isolex) supporting the customers’ request with various settings of the same products for each specific modular items. The thermosetting polymers available are BMC, SMC, phenolic, Melamine and epoxide resins, from few grams to 8kg pieces.