A success story


The Cerri Luigi firm was settled when Mr Luigi, after a wide and deep training about moulds’ production in a Milan-based factory, decided to establish his own company, founding Cerri Luigi corp., a firm focused into small metallic pieces productions, resin plastic products and moulds’ making. The activity grew up fast, reaching in a few the industrial standards with a number of 7 employed people.


The compression machines, initially water hydraulic and gradually oil hydraulic are substitute by new generation automatic press; in the 70s the firsts injection machines for thermo-setting resin are introduced, following the latest evolutions in the state of art.


Thermoplastic material and machines were introduced. The production changed his target to the electromechanical sector on the thermosetting polymers business, while the thermoplastic business set his focus on lighting components and daily used common products.


Mr. Luigi’s sons, Ambrogio and Paolo, join the firm and the company change its legal status from individual company to corporation firm.


The company move from historical plant in Corbetta to a brand new plant in Santo Stefano Ticino.


Following a constant growth process, the company moved its legal status from unlimited partnership to limited company. Cerri Luigi remains a small firm, typical from the northern Italy background with its flexibility and dynamic qualities that fits client’s request. Nevertheless, following an internationalization process, the first international cooperation grown up, like with Zibi Baloon GmbH for new products connect with the party industry, and a wide cooperation with Paglieri Sell System, a mass market supplier, introduce pieces pressed by Cerri Luigi into the mass market.


Cerri Luigi begins to test new biodegradable polymers in order to apply to already existing products and to new ones especially designed and developed. New bio-polymers tested comes from mais grains (like MaterBi ®) or the PLA and filled PLA, or others with additives able to break the molecular chain of the petrol based plastics, letting them similar to bio ones.

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